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La Cascada
Callejoneada (Alleyway) Muzquiz Magico 2023
Callejoneada (Alleyway) Muzquiz Magico 2023
Muzquiz Magic Town Door to the Presidio of Santa Rosa
Rotonda de los hombres ilustres
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Muzquiz, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico, A Magic Town or Pueblo Mágico

The city of Melchor Muzquiz, the Oasis of the North, was founded in the place today known as Hacienda La Babia in the Sierra of Santa Rosa in 1735.
The town was moved with everything including its Presidio to the present place near of the Rio Grande de las Sabinas in 1739.
The original name of the town was Santa Rosa Maria de Sacramento, later shortened to Santa Rosa. The city was renamed Villa de Muzquiz in 1850 in honor of the hometown hero of the independence war, General Melchor Muzquiz who became president of Mexico in 1832. The current name of Melchor Muzquiz was adopted in 1925 when it was declared a city.

Little church with a leaning tower in Muzquiz

Leaning Tower of Muzquiz.
Is this maybe the smallest church where a Mass has been celebrated?