Gran Callejoneada Múzquiz Mágico 2023

With great success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of hundreds of locals and tourists, the second edition of Múzquiz Vive La Fiesta del Pueblo was held. Band music, dancing, merriment and a great atmosphere was seen throughout the tour through the main streets of the magical town. The Múzquiz government chaired by Tania Flores continues to bet heavily on tourism, with great vision and with great success. The mayoress of Múzquiz continues to design and implement projects to position her municipality as an attractive tourist destination to take advantage of the enormous potential for the historical, cultural, architectural and craft wealth that they have in the so-called Oasis of the North.

During the event, Miss Fabiola Camarillo was crowned Miss Turismo Muzquiz 2023. Escudo de Muzquiz