Melchor Eca y Muzquiz

b. March 1790, Santa Rosa [now Muzquiz], Coahuila
d. December 14, 1844, Mexico City

Title: Interim President of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Mexican United States)
Elected: August 7, 1832, by the Congress
Term: August 14 - December 27, 1832
Executive oath: August 14, 1832, sesion of the National Congress, Mexico City
End of term: December 27, 1832, relinquished the office

On August 7, 1832, the Congress issued a decree granting a leave of absence for Vice President Bustamante to combat an insurrection and nominating General Muzquiz, governor of State of Mexico, Interim President of the Republic. On August 14, 1832, General Múzquiz assumed the office.

The advance of the troops led by General Santa Anna and president elect Gomez Pedraza created uneasy situation for the government of Muzquiz. He offered his resignation three times, but the Congress refused to accept it. The insurrection ended with the Convenio de Zabaleta signed on December 23, 1832, by the representatives of the Muzquiz government and by a group of generals on behalf of Gomez Pedraza recognizing the latter as president. On Dec. 27, 1832, the garrison of Mexico City rebelled against Muzquiz, who offered his fourth resignation, but it was left without consideration as the Congress had already supported the new authority. Before the revolutionary forces entered Mexico City, General Muzquiz abandoned presidency and handed the supreme authority to Governor of the Federal District Ignacio Martinez (Dec. 27, 1832), who held the power until the arrival of the authority created by the revolution.

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